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MAJOR: The exact value of Arber Xhekaj on the trade market has just been revealed and it's significant

Published January 13, 2024 at 12:48

In his very interesting article on La Presse's website, journalist Mathias Brunet, who has been covering the activities of the Montreal Canadiens for a long time, has just launched some interesting information.

It has been mentioned before, but Brunet has now written it very clearly.

Here is the passage in question, in the "Making room on the left side of defense" category of his article on the five major issues to watch with the Canadiens.

"There is an abundance on the left side of defense, especially with the recent emergence of Jayden Struble. There are Mike Matheson, Kaiden Guhle, Struble.

Jordan Harris, a left-hander, has been moved to the right and forms a pair with Struble. Arber Xhekaj, a regular in Montreal last year, continues his development in Laval." - Mathias Brunet

There is indeed a significant surplus at this level, especially since we will soon have to add the names of Lane Hutson and Adam Engstrom. (two OTHER left-handers)

These two names could really be added to Martin St-Louis' lineup in a few weeks, at the end of their season.

So what is Arber Xhekaj's value on the trade market?

See what Mathias Brunet mentioned.

"Xhekaj, 22 years old, undoubtedly has greater value than Harris and Struble due to a combination of offensive skills, imposing size at 6 feet 4 inches and 240 pounds, and pugilistic talent. He could bring back a first-round pick, it is said. [...] But Struble's game is not devoid of robustness either, he offers better defensive performance and he is nine months younger." - Via La Presse

Therefore, Xhekaj would bring a first-round pick in a trade!

Interesting! Personally, we would not trade Xhekaj, not even for a first-round pick, but it's true that eventually, names will have to leave and Kent Hughes will have to work some magic.

Which one should be sacrificed, according to you? And what would you ask in return?

It will be a major issue to watch over the next few months anyway and we would not be surprised if Kent Hughes makes another transaction like the Alexander Romanov one in the coming months.

It would be logical to use the surplus in defense to bring in reinforcements in attack.

It is said that a certain Trevor Zegras would be available on the trade market! Could he be our next Kirby Dach?

We highly recommend reading his entire article.

Click here for Mathias Brunet's article. (LaPresse.ca)
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MAJOR: The exact value of Arber Xhekaj on the trade market has just been revealed and it's significant

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