Julie And Jeff Petry Have Just Broken Their Silence Following The Trade To The Canadiens And It's Causing A Huge Reaction

Published August 8, 2023 at 10:27

Strangely, more than 48 hours after the announcement of the major trade involving Jeff Petry and the Montreal Canadiens, there's been radio silence.

We had no reaction from the organization, no reaction from Kent Hughes, and no reaction from the Petry family.

However, for the Petrys, that has just changed.

Julie and Jeff Petry have just reacted to their return to Montreal, via journalist Eric Engels of Sportsnet.

As you know, a little over a year ago, Mrs. Petry had criticized life in Quebec and Canada before expressing joy over the trade to Pittsburgh.

She even moved in the middle of the season (to the USA), leaving Jeff alone in Quebec to finish his season.

It must be said that this was mainly related to health measures and such. In short, things have changed since then and are likely no longer a problem for Julie Petry.

The Petrys' Reaction

In the last few minutes, Engels, who is in contact with them, has stated that they are doing well and that they know that Kent Hughes might trade them again.

"I spoke with them and they are doing well under the circumstances. What happened has happened and they know the hockey business well. They are aware that Kent Hughes will try to trade the veteran defenseman before the start of the season, but if he doesn't manage to do so, they will come to Montreal and do everything in their power to try to turn the situation into a positive." - Eric Engels

They are doing well "under the circumstances"? That doesn't sound very encouraging, to say the least. They have also made no mention of Montreal on their social media since the announcement of the transaction.

Engels adds that the Petrys were completely taken by surprise by the trade and never thought they would have to return to Montreal.

To be continued. This strengthens the possibility that Petry could be traded before the start of the season. Kent Hughes is already working on the matter, and they know it.

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Julie And Jeff Petry Have Just Broken Their Silence Following The Trade To The Canadiens And It's Causing A Huge Reaction

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