Good last-minute news for the Montreal Canadiens

Published November 20, 2023 at 3:03 PM

As we reported yesterday, we had an interesting development in the NHL goaltender market, as the Philadelphia Flyers decided to place Felix Sandstrom on waivers.

A good young goaltender.

Obviously, at the moment, the Montreal Canadiens are the most interesting team in the entire National Hockey League in this matter.

Kent Hughes is currently in talks with several teams to conclude a trade involving a goaltender. (Jake Allen, Samuel Montembeault, or Cayden Primeau)

In short, almost every team that wants a goalie is calling Kent Hughes.

The Edmonton Oilers are currently at the top of the list to acquire one of the CH's goalies.

In short, the fact that Sandstrom has become free as air and available for free could have hurt the Habs.

Imagine Kent Hughes is about to conclude a nice trade with the Oilers, but suddenly, they decide to let it go and "pick up" a goalie like Sandstrom without giving anything in return.

That was not the case, after all.

Good news for the Canadiens

Felix Sandstrom was ultimately not claimed on waivers.

This means that there are no fewer NHL teams today in search of a goalie, and on the contrary, we can probably now add the Philadelphia Flyers to the list, who would be seriously interested in acquiring Primeau.

The bids will therefore continue to rise.

A big file to follow, and don't be surprised if the CH reduces its roster to two goalies by Christmas. There is a lot of demand!

November 20   |   633 answers
Good last-minute news for the Montreal Canadiens

What would you ask from the Flyers in exchange for Cayden Primeau?

A mid-round draft pick11317.9 %
A second round pick16926.7 %
A prospect like Morgan Frost and we add something23937.8 %
Another young goalie11217.7 %
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