Canceled trade involving Evgenii Dadonov: a surprise draft pick could be added

Published June 8, 2023 at 9:46

This had caused a huge reaction, but let's recall that at the 2022 trade deadline, forward Evgenii Dadonov, who ultimately started the recent season with the Montreal Canadiens, had been traded to the Anaheim Ducks.

A trade between Anaheim and Vegas.

Revisit the Ducks' announcement:

TRANSACTION: We have acquired right winger Evgenii Dadonov and a second-round pick in the 2023 or 2024 NHL draft (the year is based on conditions) from the Vegas Golden Knights, for defenseman John Moore and Ryan Kesler's contract.

The trade was eventually canceled for administrative reasons and because Anaheim was on the list of 10 teams where Dadonov did not want to be traded.

There's new news today

To revisit this saga, there's some news.

According to what the excellent Elliotte Friedman from Sportsnet has just reported, the Ducks have formally asked the National Hockey League for a compensatory pick as compensation for this embarrassing blunder.

"According to Elliotte, the Ducks have asked the NHL for a compensatory draft pick for the botched Dadonov trade a few years ago, as the incident was not on their side.

I've heard that the league was at least considering the idea."

- Via journalist Derek Lee

The NHL is studying the case, and Anaheim could be awarded a surprise pick in the next draft. Wow.

Will it be a 1st round pick? 2nd round? 3rd round? We do not know at this time, but it would evidently be a question here of a second-round pick.

Stay tuned!

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Canceled trade involving Evgenii Dadonov: a surprise draft pick could be added

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