Big last-minute development on a trade involving the Montreal Canadiens

Published June 28, 2023 at 3:26 PM

Not only in Montreal, but all over the National Hockey League today, all eyes are on what Kent Hughes will do with his fifth overall pick.

A trade seems very likely at this point, but which trade?

On this subject, the excellent FX Bénard has just brought us some very interesting developments.

"My live impressions from Nashville:

Even at this time, I firmly believe that the Habs would rather move forward than back to ensure they get their hands on a Fantilli, Carlsson, or Smith."

We like it! He continues:

"However, I don't see the Canadiens having the necessary resources to climb to the second rank held by the Ducks, I think discussions with the Sharks will continue today.

If Kent Hughes has to pick fifth and the players mentioned above + Bedard are selected without the Habs being able to trade, I believe the team could move down or select Reinbacher or Leonard with the 5th pick."

We will have the answer tonight, but it's very reassuring and encouraging to see that discussions with the San Jose Sharks are continuing at this very moment.

Kent Hughes is working hard behind the scenes and he's chatting a lot with the Sharks' GM. A case to follow!


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Big last-minute development on a trade involving the Montreal Canadiens

Would you trade Filip Mesar and the 5th pick, for the 4th pick?

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