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Unexpected suspension could be announced today for the Canadiens

Published March 29, 2024 at 9:11

We just learned that an unexpected suspension, which we did not see coming, could indeed be announced today for the Montreal Canadiens.

As you know, the Philadelphia Flyers were in town last night at the Bell Centre to face Martin St-Louis's team, and tempers flared on several occasions.

After the Habs' 4-1 victory, several Philly players were extremely furious at young defenseman Kaiden Guhle.

Unexpected suspension announced today for the Montreal Canadiens? We just learned that young defenseman Kaiden Guhle could be targeted

After the game, several visiting players stated that Guhle should have been ejected from the game and deserves a penalty from the player safety department.

This really went under the radar yesterday, but opposing players have revealed this, as described by Marco Normandin.

»(After being hit solidly in the corner by Travis Konecny), Kaiden Guhle decided to retaliate against Konecny by hitting him with his stick while he was sitting on his bench and his opponent was passing in front of him. A move strictly illegal under the rules and condemned by the league.»

The referees reportedly told the Philadelphia players that they did not see Guhle's action, but it is understood that the NHL might decide to take action because the incident was caught on camera.

«The officials told us they didn't see anything, but I feel like the league is going to review the sequence.» - Garnett Hathaway

See the images:

So don't be surprised if we learn in the next few hours that Guhle has been summoned by the league to explain his action.

A fine or a suspension could follow.

Credit: HABSolumentFan - Kaiden Guhle pourrait être convoqué par la LNH au cours des prochaines heures
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Unexpected suspension could be announced today for the Canadiens

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