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Unexpected announcement involving Eugenie Bouchard is causing stir

Published April 6, 2024 at 9:17

Last night, the Carolina Hurricanes organization made a post that really didn't go unnoticed, with Eugenie Bouchard.

The Canes somewhat employed the Quebec athlete for the promotion of their team, and numerous posts have surfaced since then.

Eugenie Bouchard and the Hurricanes

In any case, there was a big visit last night in Carolina, for the game against the Washington Capitals.

Eugénie Bouchard was there, and she was shown all evening.

The Hurricanes even officially made an announcement on all their official pages to announce the news and spread the word. Wow.

The post was even reshared by none other than the official NHL page.

It's rare to see that.

At least, it wasn't against the Montreal Canadiens, some fans will say who seem to be quite perplexed through their comments.

In any case, Eugénie seems to have brought them luck, as the Canes with Jesperi Kotkaniemi won 4 to 2 against the Washington Capitals.

In the victory, KK played 9 minutes 57, he did not get any points nor did he shoot on goal.

The beautiful Quebecer seems to really enjoy associating with different teams in the league. When will it be Montreal's turn?

Let's remember that Eugénie Bouchard did the same with the New York Islanders at the beginning of the season:

See her recent travel photos:

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Unexpected announcement involving Eugenie Bouchard is causing stir

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