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Analyst reveals shocking information of former Habs off-ice behaviour

Published April 5, 2024 at 9:01 PM

On BPM Sports' airwaves, journalist Renaud Lavoie tackled rather unexpected topics involving Montreal Canadiens players.

Regarding certain alleged outings of Cole Caufield in bars, the TVA Sports insider sent out an extremely clear message.

He really defended the young Caufield, rightly so, on several points that have recently been the talk of the town.

However, Renaud continued with a previously unheard anecdote involving a Montreal Canadiens player at the time.

Renaud Lavoie tells a story involving Nathan Beaulieu at a party

Here's the story:

«Nathan Beaulieu, the Canadiens win on a Saturday night at the Bell Centre and it's his birthday. He goes out to a bar in Montreal and it's a day off on Sunday.

Yes, it's a party, a real party, it's his birthday party.

But someone decides to film it, to put it on social media, and then everyone says it's not right.

After that, Nathan Beaulieu found himself in the office on Monday morning and he was given an earful. But I mean, what did he do wrong?

His team won, it's his birthday on a Saturday night, OK he went a bit overboard in celebrating his party, but we would have never known if there hadn't been a cellphone around to film it.» - Renaud Lavoie

The journalist thus explains that, now, because of stories like this, young NHL players are very aware that they need to be cautious, and they are indeed very cautious.

Renaud adds that today, in 2024, players are MUCH more low-key than before.

He sends a clear message.

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Analyst reveals shocking information of former Habs off-ice behaviour

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