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MAJOR: the NHL announces an emergency press conference by Gary Bettman

Published January 31, 2024 at 10:29

This has been the case for a few days now for the players of the Montreal Canadiens, but as of tomorrow, all NHL clubs will officially be on break for the All-Star Game pause.

The NHL will take advantage of this lull to address numerous urgent issues.

Thus, the league has announced that Commissioner Gary Bettman will hold an important press conference this Friday. It's likely to be extremely interesting.

A major press conference for Gary Bettman and many questions about Salt Lake City and Team Canada Junior 2018 to be expected!

Bettman has not said a word (publicly) for several weeks, since the major developments of the last few days involving notably Carter Hart, Dillon Dube, Michael McLeod, and Cal Foote.

So, it's a big appointment this Friday!

Don't be surprised either if the League makes a major unexpected announcement, to completely divert media attention to something other than the scandal involving Team Canada Junior 2018.

An announcement for Salt Lake City? An announcement for a World Cup of Hockey? These are two serious possibilities.

It's likely to be a major press event, especially if Gary takes the opportunity to pull a major announcement out of his hat.

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MAJOR: the NHL announces an emergency press conference by Gary Bettman

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