Very worrying publication for the Montreal Canadiens' defensive squad

Published November 11, 2023 at 9:43 PM

The signs are accumulating, causing increasing speculation, and it really seems like Montreal Canadiens defenseman Mike Matheson is currently hiding an injury, or at least, serious discomfort.

As you know, he's not playing up to his capabilities right now and is probably experiencing his most difficult moments on the CH's blue line.

This directly impacts the club's results, as along with Kaiden Guhle, he is a cornerstone of the Habs' defense and probably the most important defenseman on the team (and one of the most important players).

If Matheson is doing well, generally the team does well. If Matheson is struggling, it's hard for the CH to win, especially because he spends so much time on the ice.

However, there are growing concerns about him.

"Affected last year by a 'lower body' issue, Mike Matheson has already had to deal with 2 such discomforts this season in just a month. And when he says he's fine now, I doubt it. If he's not 100%, why on earth is he playing? JiC Lajoie and I don't like this at all."

- Anthony Martineau, TVA Sports

See his explanations.

This is certainly a worrying observation and concerning for Martin St-Louis's defensive squad.

Let's hope this can be resolved quickly if the team wants to start winning regularly again.
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Very worrying publication for the Montreal Canadiens' defensive squad

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