Major position change coming for Paul Byron? A big rumor is circulating

Published March 10, 2023 at 6:31 PM
Since the beginning of the season, we have talked a lot about the absence of Carey Price, Sean Monahan, Brendan Gallagher and even Joel Edmundson. One important player that is not mentioned, despite the fact that he gave proud services to the organization, is Paul Byron.

The latter has not played a single game this season and does not seem to be playing one any time soon. His career even seems to be over, as he will become an uncompensated free agent in the summer.

Not much has come out in the media about him this season. We did see his son, Brysen, participate in the CH skills competition last February.

In the last few months, Byron has been seen on numerous occasions, such as Thursday night against the Rangers, in the club's staff box. Many are beginning to wonder if the small forward might be joining the club's management team in the near future?

That would be quite a change in position, but he could get involved in other ways.

This would be a well-deserved job for someone who seems to have really enjoyed his time in town. He could very well be hired as a scout or even in player development. With his history that is not common in professional hockey, he could very well motivate many young prospects of the club who are waiting for their chance.
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Major position change coming for Paul Byron? A big rumor is circulating

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