Turnaround and upcoming changes regarding the National Hockey League's draft lottery? Proposals are surfacing

Published May 10, 2023 at 7:22 PM

The lottery for the upcoming draft, which took place last Monday, still provided an interesting spectacle for fans of the teams that had a chance to win the jackpot.

However, some people found the current format a bit boring, and this was the case for Guillaume Latendresse and Antoine Roussel.

During the La Poche Bleue midday show aired on TVA Sports, the two former NHL players would like the format to be reviewed in the coming years.

A turnaround in the rules and a change of format for the lottery?

Here's what Latendresse had to say:

"We could make a change at the level of the show. I would like it if we found something more dynamic than seeing Bill Daly turn a sign. The tumbler we saw in the photos, we could have seen it live. It would have been exciting to see the ball come out on television. We need to make it more dynamic in 2023."

For his part, Roussel would like to see a more dynamic formula where one could mix entertainment and probability.

"We live in an era where we want to see what's going on inside. For me, it would be interesting to show the den of the dragon. They certainly have good mathematicians. It would be nice to see the odds evolve from the moment the teams' ranks are determined."

The former agitator even proposed a segment that could include sports betting and interaction with hockey fans.

"They could even take breaks and give people a chance to place sports bets. We need to generate interaction with people. That's the beauty of sport. The concept is clearly to be revised, and it takes creative people."

Despite some good ideas brought up by the two TVA Sports analysts, the fact remains that the NHL is a league with somewhat conservative ideas compared to the NFL and the NBA.

But it must be admitted that adding some spice to this evening, eagerly awaited year after year by hockey enthusiasts, could be beneficial in the long run, as it would be interesting to see the lottery's ratings in certain US markets.

What do you think? Do you like their ideas?

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Turnaround and upcoming changes regarding the National Hockey League's draft lottery? Proposals are surfacing

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