Huge development regarding the circumstances of the death of Michkov's father

Published May 10, 2023 at 9:00

As just reported by the excellent Marco Normandin, in the last few seconds, the official play-by-play announcer for the Montreal Canadiens, Martin McGuire, has released major information regarding the sad death of Matvei Michkov's father.

First, let's recall the facts already publicly revealed:

Michkov's father left his home to go to the convenience store, after watching a hockey game with his son Matvei, and he never came back.

"Michkov Sr. simply told his son that he was going to run errands and that he would be back in 20 minutes, but he never returned."

Even worse, young Michkov apparently received a mysterious and unclear phone call in the meantime. He couldn't understand the caller since they were too far from the device.

Michkov Sr. was eventually found lifeless in a pond. He was 51 years old.

Now see what McGuire just added on the airwaves of 98.5 Sports, as reported by HabsFan:

"Obviously, getting stories confirmed when it comes from Russia, you'll understand that it's difficult. But it seems that his father was trying to invalidate the contract. His father's wish would have been to send him to North America quickly. That's why this story will be a bit 'touchy' because we don't know if the young man will have to respect the contract he allegedly signed because no one can clearly say if he really signed that contract and if it's really 2 years, 3 years, 4 years on that contract. That's what's a bit annoying in his case."

Martin McGuire

This is huge! According to him, Matvei's father was really trying to cancel his KHL contract, to allow him to make the jump to the National Hockey League more quickly.

That's where Michkov wants to play, and his father wanted to fulfill his wish.

This is truly an extremely complex and sensitive case.

More details to follow.

And click here for the audio in question from Martin McGuire.

Credit : HABSolumentFan
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Huge development regarding the circumstances of the death of Michkov's father

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