Big statement from Jeff Gorton on the Habs' draft pick : a backstage video has just resurfaced

Published May 11, 2023 at 9:10

Since Monday night, as you've surely noticed, there have been numerous speculations about the Montreal Canadiens' infamous fifth overall pick.

We will officially know the answer in about a month and a half, but until then, many fans and experts are speculating on the identity of the player who could be selected by Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton at the 5th overall pick.

On this subject, a very interesting statement from Jeff Gorton has just resurfaced. It comes from an unseen video, taken backstage, while the Canadiens' leaders were discussing the best player to draft.

In this sequence, it's a very specific sentence from Jeff Gorton that catches the attention and really pleases the fans.

"Don't just fall in love with the player's personality and character, forgetting the importance of talent," said Gorton.

In short, to come back a bit on what Kent Hughes said at a press point on Monday, we understand here that character is indeed one of the selection criteria, but it's not everything.

Gorton clearly warns his team. Yes, he wants good young players, but he also wants extremely talented young ones. He wants the Habs to draft the most talented!

We like to see this, especially because many were afraid that the Canadiens would rely too much on the attitude of the young ones, and not draft the most talented.

A reassuring video here and that has circulated abundantly on social media in the last few hours :

We are perfectly in agreement with Gorton.

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Big statement from Jeff Gorton on the Habs' draft pick : a backstage video has just resurfaced

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