Alex Ovechkin's bank account has been frozen by the government

Elias Edmonson
May 22, 2024  (1:22 PM)

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Here's a development that's both sad and bizarre involving Washington Capitals forward Alex Ovechkin.

It's an article just published by Maxime Truman, who reports "that a bank account belonging to Ovechkin has been frozen [in his home country]... due to an unpaid debt of less than 550 US dollars to the federal tax department of his home country."
So, it's a bank account that has been frozen in his own country. In fact, we're talking about his main professional account here.

Alex Ovechkin's bank account has been frozen, raising questions

Let's just say it's not the kind of news we get every day.
Ovechkin, who is said to have earned around 140 million dollars in his career according to CapFriendly (in addition to his endorsement contracts), finds himself in the news for rather unusual reasons.
"Championat reports that Alex Ovechkin's professional bank account has been frozen due to a 543 US dollar debt in federal taxes.

It's not a good time to owe money to the government over there, I suppose." - Andrew Zadarnowski

Let's just hope everything can be resolved for Ovechkin, and it speaks volumes about the current situation in his home country.
It's really sad.
Ovechkin, who has been very quiet on social media for several months, is obviously in a very delicate situation.
Ovechkin, 38, is under contract with the Washington Capitals for two more seasons at 9.5 million dollars per year. He will try to break Wayne Gretzky's record, and then, many rumors suggest he might move to the KHL.
A source close to Alex Ovechkin has confirmed that he is not at fault, but rather only a piece of the situation. He is not facing any criminal charges.
Here's what a source close to Ovi told Match TV

"Ovechkin himself does not owe anything, this is a technical error. The individual entrepreneur does not conduct commercial activities; it only has patents for Alexander's trademarks. Our accountant is looking into this now"

Credit: DansLesCoulisses.com - Le gouvernement a bloqué le compte de banque d'Alex Ovechkin
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Alex Ovechkin's bank account has been frozen by the government

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