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Gary Bettman just gave magical permission to the Golden Knights AGAIN

Published April 12, 2024 at 3:38 PM

The Las Vegas Golden Knights have just made an extremely controversial announcement involving Mark Stone.

This is getting ridiculous.

Many experts are joking that there is no salary cap for the Golden Knights, who freely sign players earning 7-8-9 million dollars a year, and here's why.

Mark Stone is magically ready to return to play!

For the second consecutive year, Las Vegas announces that Mark Stone is magically returning to the ice a week before the start of the NHL playoffs.

His salary of nearly 10 million dollars will not count against the team's salary cap, but he will be able to play in the playoffs.

Yes, it's causing a stir.

« Huge eye roll here. I've reported all along that the lacerated spleen is a legitimate, serious injury. There's been no shenanigans.

But man, Stone coming back to practice for second year in a row one week before playoffs is some seriously fortuitous timing. » - Frank Seravalli

« Mark Stone available to practice with his teammates, a week before the start of the playoffs. » - Patrick Friolet, RDS

Yes it's frustrating, yes it's unfair, and yes it's a serious problem in the NHL, but that's not even the worst of it.

The problem is that it took everything for the Montreal Canadiens to place Shea Weber on the long-term injured reserve for the 2022 season.

We're talking about a player who was so battered, he never played hockey again.

His career was over, and the NHL put obstacles in the way of the Montreal Canadiens, who just wanted to put him on the LTIR.

Why didn't the Golden Knights have the same obstacles with Mark Stone last year? Why did they get a pass again this year?

Gary Bettman will need to address this issue and answer questions because this is getting ridiculous.

Is it fair for the teams that will face Las Vegas in the playoffs? Teams with a salary cap of 83 million dollars going up against a club that nearly reaches 100 million dollars in salary?

Even fans online are mocking the situation:

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Gary Bettman just gave magical permission to the Golden Knights AGAIN

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