Major announcement from the Golden Knights that could have major effect on the league

Published May 5, 2023 at 8:35 PM

Obviously, we are more interested in what is happening here, in Montreal and with the Canadiens, but there is a clear connection to make.

In the past few hours, the Vegas Golden Knights have made a historic announcement that could completely change the way TV contracts work in the NHL.

This would have a major impact on several large networks, such as Sportsnet, TVA Sports, RDS, and TSN. (if it spreads here)

Check out the news:

"This is really interesting from the Golden Knights, and it's a big change from how sports teams approached TV rights in the NHL before: Vegas will broadcast their games for free to fans not only in Nevada but also in Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming." - Frank Seravalli

This is a first in the league's history and could mark a turning point, especially if it's a resounding success. (which it should be)

The Golden Knights have just announced that all their games will be broadcast completely free for residents of five states. (those mentioned above)

All of this, starting next season.

Networks will not be allowed to charge ($) residents to subscribe to the channel that broadcasts Golden Knights games.

All fans in their region must have free access to all Vegas games. That's big.

Would you like the Montreal Canadiens to eventually take the same initiative? This would obviously have a significant impact on the channels we know, but all Quebec residents would have completely free access to all Habs games.

An idea to keep in mind!

However, it should be noted that the Golden Knights are clearly doing this to promote their team and the sport, which is less of a necessity here in Quebec.
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Major announcement from the Golden Knights that could have major effect on the league

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