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Terrible news in the criminal case involving Mitch Marner

Published May 12, 2024 at 12:38

A surprising piece of news has just come out of Toronto in the judicial and criminal spheres.

Terrible news for forward Mitch Marner who, just hours after the Maple Leafs were eliminated, has just learned that all charges have been dropped against his attackers.

Mitch Marner's robbers escape justice

This was just reported by the excellent journalist Rick Westhead.

"The car thieves of Mitch Marner have had all charges against them dropped." - Rick Westhead

You can imagine this is causing a lot of reactions and generating a lot of misunderstanding.

Let's recall that two years ago, star forward for the Toronto Maple Leafs Mitch Marner was the victim of a car theft, under the threat of a firearm.

According to a source, Marner was going to the movies with a friend when "the guys approached, wearing masks, and said they wanted the vehicle."

The young forward was not injured, but he was shaken by the event.

He was scared, especially because of the firearm, and today's announcement is unlikely to reassure him.

More details to follow!

Marner, 27 years old, 6 feet and 180 pounds, was a 4th overall pick in 2015 (1st round) and he scored 85 points in 69 games this season, including 26 goals. In the playoffs, he added three points in seven games against the Boston Bruins.
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Terrible news in the criminal case involving Mitch Marner

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