Photo of Tyler Toffoli holding a Canadiens jersey
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Tyler Toffoli was spotted with a Canadiens jersey and fans are excited

Published May 12, 2024 at 10:31

We were discussing this over the past few hours, but here is a new clue regarding the possible return of Tyler Toffoli to the Montreal Canadiens.

After his wife shared photos of the couple with Jake Evans and his partner, and after they clearly showed they miss Montreal, now another very interesting clue has been added.

Tyler Toffoli walks around with a Montreal Canadiens jersey

It could be a coincidence, but admit it's intriguing under the circumstances!

"Why does Tyler Toffoli have a Canadiens jersey with him?"

There seems to be smoke in this case, but will there be fire? To be followed from July 1, 2024, but it would really be superb to welcome Toffoli and his family back to Montreal.

He is a very good forward, a true lover of Quebec (his wife too), and he is excellent with the young players.

Toffoli, 32 years old, scored 44 points in 61 games this season with the New Jersey Devils, including 26 goals, and he added 11 points (7 goals) in 18 games with the Winnipeg Jets.

In total, we're talking about 55 points and 33 goals this season for someone who was traded at the 2024 trade deadline in exchange for 2nd and 3rd round picks.

Let's obviously remember that Tyler Toffoli also amassed 44 points in 52 games with the Montreal Canadiens in 2020-21, and 26 points in 37 games before being traded by Kent Hughes in 2021-22.
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Tyler Toffoli was spotted with a Canadiens jersey and fans are excited

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