Kyle Dubas Set to Pay Up to Fix Terrible Off-Season Mistake

Published April 6, 2023 at 3:12 PM

Matt Murray's performance has left much to be desired for the Leafs fanbase. Since March, his overall gameplay has been lackluster, and to make matters worse, he's been plagued by injuries.

Leafs May Part Ways with Murray in the Off-Season

According to Sportsnet's Luke Fox, the Leafs might consider cutting ties with Matt Murray during the off-season, be it through a trade or a buyout.

This will be the second time the Leafs need to dump a goaltender, as Kyle Dubas' free agent signing Petr Mrazek was another terrible decision.

"Indeed, if the Petr Mrazek saga taught us anything, it's that the Maple Leafs are willing to pay to rectify their mistakes — and that goalies with a history of injuries may continue to struggle with them.

Let's evaluate the goaltenders' performance in the spring first, but there will be options.

Murray could be traded to a team striving to hit the cap floor or even be bought out at a reasonable price. Since the Ottawa Senators are also footing part of the bill, a Murray buyout would set the Leafs back $687,500 against their cap in 2023-24 and $2 million in 2024-25 when the cap is expected to increase. Ilya Samsonov, a restricted free agent, will likely see his performance in the first round against Tampa influence his upcoming salary bump, whether that's with the Leafs or another team."

The Leafs had Petr Mrazek on their roster for just one season before trading down in the draft and shipping him off to Chicago. Murray could potentially face a similar fate, especially given the substantial pay increase Ilya Samsonov is anticipated to receive.

The real question is, will Kyle Dubas be able to fix his foolish offseason move?

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Kyle Dubas Set to Pay Up to Fix Terrible Off-Season Mistake

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