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«We're going to bring back the Nordiques»: big statement by Legault

Published April 30, 2024 at 12:52

An interesting statement regarding the return of the Quebec Nordiques has just been released, and it doesn't come from just anyone.

None other than the Premier Minister of Quebec, François Legault, has just mentioned on the air of TVA Sports that he is still firmly intending to bring back the Nordiques.

"Together, we will bring back the Nordiques!" - François Legault, who made this statement in a video to congratulate Jean-Charles Lajoie on his 1000th show

It's a big statement, but we love it!

Here it is:

The complete message:

"Dear JiC, congratulations on your 1000th episode! There's nothing that relaxes me more than listening to you at the end of the day. So together, we will bring back the Nordiques!"

- François Legault

JiC started his show on TVA Sports in 2019, and they indeed celebrated this milestone in a big way.

It must be admitted that the return of the Nordiques would indeed be huge for a show like JiC's.

"The production and collaborators, past and present, of 'JiC' planned a nice surprise for the host Jean-Charles Lajoie for the 1000th episode of the show presented on the airwaves of TVA Sports.

Jean-Charles was about to start the Friday broadcast, as he has often done, when his friend Jean-Michel Dufaux interrupted him. Colleagues and family members of the popular host joined him on set."

- TVA Sports, via an official statement

Congratulations, Jean-Charles!
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«We're going to bring back the Nordiques»: big statement by Legault

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