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Sad announcement involving Juraj Slafkovsky and it's worrying

Published April 30, 2024 at 11:28

Slovak journalist Tomas Prokop has just announced a mysterious and troubling news involving the young forward Juraj Slafkovsky.

The Montreal Canadiens forward seems to have had some sort of medical issue, and his arrival to the Slovak national team is delayed.

The good news is that he should still be there, so we have reasons to believe that it's nothing too serious, but more to follow.

A Medical Issue for Juraj Slafkovsky?

We have few details at the moment.

"I hope everything is okay with Juraj Slafkovsky.

Juraj Slafkovsky will join the Slovak national team later than expected. He must undergo medical procedures in Montreal."

- Tomas Prokop and via HabsOnReddit

As many fans mention in the comments, we know how important it is for Slafkovsky to represent his country (and it's to his credit), but knowing this, would it be better for him to rest and skip this year?

Case to follow.

Slafkovsky, 20 years old, has scored 20 goals and 50 points this season with the Montreal Canadiens. (in 82 games)

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Sad announcement involving Juraj Slafkovsky and it's worrying

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