Pierre Karl Péladeau accepts the suggestion for Bettman regarding the Nordiques

Elias Edmonson
June 10, 2024  (8:14 PM)

Photo of Gary Bettman and Pierre Karl Péladeau
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To convince Gary Bettman to bring back the Quebec Nordiques, Premier François Legault made a suggestion to Pierre Karl Péladeau.

This interview sparked a lot of reactions from fans, especially following our article on Saturday.
In essence, during his appearance on Paul Arcand's show, François Legault stated that Mr. Péladeau should surround himself with serious business partners to present a genuine offer to the NHL to bring back the Nordiques.
«I know that Pierre Karl Péladeau doesn't have the funds to cover the entire amount. We're talking about more than a billion, but now, it's time for him to partner with other people and make a real offer.

I think that if Mr. Bettman has a real offer on the table, he will consider it.»

- François Legault

These are very intriguing comments.

Pierre Karl Péladeau accepts Premier François Legault's suggestion and is ready to find partners

This is exactly what TVA Sports, a Quebecor network, just reported, making it a significant development.
«Pierre Karl Péladeau says he is ready to find partners to buy a team or a franchise in the National Hockey League.

On Paul Arcand's show on Monday morning, Mr. Péladeau agreed with Premier François Legault's suggestion of partnership to the president of Quebecor, which he made during his appearance on 98.5 last week.» - TVA Sports

See his exact statement:
«For once, I would say the Premier is right,» mentioned Quebecor's top executive with a laugh. «Indeed, the price of hockey clubs has increased exponentially. [...] If several of us come together, indeed, the cost would be lower» - Pierre Karl Péladeau, who adds that he is discussing this topic with people he meets.

So, this issue could take an unexpected turn, but at the same time, Gary Bettman has just stated that the league is not yet ready to talk about expansion at the moment.
A case to follow.
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Pierre Karl Péladeau accepts the suggestion for Bettman regarding the Nordiques

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