Unexpected turn of events for Matvei Michkov

Published August 23, 2023 at 4:34 PM

While not much is happening in the world of hockey right now, and with few leagues currently in progress, all eyes are on the KHL, as it's one of the few leagues that has already begun its preparatory activities.

And of course, there's one big name that's drawing attention in Russia, and it's the young phenom Matvei Michkov.

Last week, we were told that everything was going well for Michkov, that he had a great attitude, that he was dominant, and he even played at center. But now that seems to have changed.

In an unexpected turn of events, today Michkov was used as the 13th forward for his team. He was left out for most of the game, as a form of punishment.

He started the match on his team's third line, he was dragging his feet, he hurt his team, and after a costly turnover, he was benched.

Michkov eventually played 5 minutes during the entire game. Ouch.

You can guess it's causing quite a stir because Michkov is a very polarizing name. But if you ask me, it's good news to see that his current head coach is making him earn his minutes.

It's good for his development and it's formative.

Talent is not even a question for Michkov, he just needs to improve certain aspects of his game and character.

There's nothing to be worried about here, but it's indeed quite a change in tone from what we were hearing just a few days ago.
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Unexpected turn of events for Matvei Michkov

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