Major announcement from Lou Lamoriello about Patrick Roy, and it's big

Elias Edmonson
May 23, 2024  (11:33)

Photo of Patrick Roy and Islanders GM
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A few months after the surprise hiring of Patrick Roy as head coach of the New York Islanders, Lou Lamoriello has just announced his conclusions.

If some still had doubts, know that Roy is in Long Island to stay. He took on his first challenge and really impressed his new bosses.
"Even if his future seemed assured, the Islanders' general manager wanted to quickly eliminate any doubt.

'The two gentlemen you see in front of you will be back next year,' said Lamoriello."

- Via journalist Jonathan Bernier

Lou Lamoriello announces his verdict on Patrick Roy

General manager Lamoriello draws a lot of positives from the end of his team's season, and he is fully aware that his new head coach had quite a challenge to face.
"There were a lot of positives, but the transition was not easy. I take the blame for that. I put Patrick in a very delicate position." - Lou Lamoriello

He even described the end of the Islanders' season as "incredible" and believes it places the team in a great position for the next season.
"I don't think he could have done better than he did," praised Lamoriello. "He exceeded the expectations we had placed on him, even though my expectations were high."

Clearly, as reported by Jonathan Bernier, Lou Lamoriello is showing his true colors and is clearly satisfied with his choice behind the bench.
We know that Lamoriello is extremely demanding, and in his 37 years in the NHL, he has seen it all, so this is really no small statement about Patrick Roy.
This bodes well for the future.
We are already looking forward to next season. The Islanders will be fascinating to watch, and it will also be fascinating to see what happens in goal with their star goalie Ilya Sorokin.
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Major announcement from Lou Lamoriello about Patrick Roy, and it's big

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