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Xhekaj has played his last game with the Habs according to sources

Published April 9, 2024 at 12:17

Following the injury suffered by Arber Xhekaj, his future with the Canadiens now seems to be very uncertain. Has he played his last game for Martin St-Louis?

A few minutes after the Canadiens announced a shoulder surgery for Xhekaj, Maxime Truman has just revealed some very intriguing exclusive information.

A major trade involving Arber Xhekaj as early as this summer?

Arber Xhekaj on his way out? See an excerpt from the article on DansLesCoulisses.

«Trustworthy people indicated to me this morning that Xhekaj's future with the Canadiens was not as bright as a starry sky in broad daylight. A metaphor about yesterday...»

In addition to what his sources have confided, Truman reminds us that we have clues accumulating for a few months, like his return with the Laval Rocket, the fact that his playing style might not completely please his head coach, his multiple shoulder surgeries, etc.

Arber Xhekaj could actually face the same fate as Alexander Romanov, and it will shake things up if it materializes.

«Will Kent Hughes decide to sacrifice Arber Xhekaj during the offseason as he did with Alexander Romanov two years ago? There is a surplus of left-handed defensemen in Montreal, there were good offers on the table for Xhekaj not so long ago (first-round pick or quality prospect?) and the Habs need reinforcement in offense.

[...] The person I spoke to IN PRIVATE this morning is far too credible for me to dismiss the information he shared.» - Maxime Truman

As he also points out, Xhekaj is so important for the Canadiens, and we saw it again in the last games against the New York Rangers (Matt Rempe) as well as against the Toronto Maple Leafs (Ryan Reaves), but everything will depend on the offers on the table for Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton.

Yes, if Arber Xhekaj is traded, it will shake things up!

«A little advice to Chantal and her subordinates: prepare a well-thought-out communication plan to explain the trade of Arber Xhekaj... if he is ever traded, of course.» - Maxime Truman

So, it will be a big file to watch this summer, and especially during the 2024 NHL draft.

Xhekaj, 23 years old, 6 feet 4 inches and 240 pounds, finishes his season with 10 points, including three goals, in 44 NHL games. (plus-minus of +6 and 81 penalty minutes)

He added 11 points in 17 games with the Laval Rocket.

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Xhekaj has played his last game with the Habs according to sources

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