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We now know why Angela and Carey Price missed yesterday's Habs players event

Published February 9, 2024 at 6:04 PM
Related to the great evening the Montreal Canadiens players had last night, during the very first edition of the "Dream Big" casino night, many of you asked if a certain Carey Price was present.

You are right, there was an unexpected comeback in the team's entourage, a player we hadn't heard from in a while, but we're not talking about Carey Price here.

Chris Wideman was there, to everyone's surprise! It was great to see him!

Remember that Wideman was placed on the injured list in September by the Habs and we had no news of him since. (no updates from the Habs either)

We understand that Wideman spent most of the season in Missouri (USA), where he would reside. Do not expect to see him in uniform with the Habs again.

Before last night, we hadn't seen him in the team's entourage this season. Anyway, he seems to be doing well, and that's truly the most important thing.

He was there, with his teammates, to raise funds for the Montreal Canadiens Children's Foundation. (and he is likely to stay here for the weekend's games)

Carey Price was absent, according to a source

As for Carey and Angela Price, they evidently could not make the trip and were not present last night for the evening. (according to a consulted source)

It will be interesting to see if Carey intends (or not) to spend time in town by the end of this season.
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We now know why Angela and Carey Price missed yesterday's Habs players event

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