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The NHL changes its mind AGAIN on Gallagher's goal

Published April 2, 2024 at 8:35 PM

We just witnessed a completely ridiculous and unprecedented scene, right in the Bell Centre, during the game between the Canadiens and the Panthers. As Brendan Gallagher appeared to score a goal and seemed to outplay goalie Anthony Stolarz, the referees went to video review.

They finally announced to the Bell Centre crowd that the goal was good!

However, they returned to the microphone (a few seconds later) and changed their minds again, ultimately disallowing the goal.

What confusion and what a ridiculous scene...

"In a moment of pronounced confusion, the official states that the puck crossed the goal line and confirms the goal for the CH, then retracts 1 minute later to announce the opposite.

I have the distinct impression that he just misheard what Toronto told him."

- Anthony Martineau, TVA Sports

You can guess that there are many reactions on social media. It's embarrassing for the NHL.

After first video review Brendan Gallagher had his 12th goal of the season and #Habs and Panthers were tied 2-2. But wait ... there was a second video review and now it's no goal. Only in the NHL -Stu Cowen

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The NHL changes its mind AGAIN on Gallagher's goal

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