The Canadiens made a big mistake in the Martin St-Louis file according to insider

Elias Edmonson
March 22, 2024  (11:17)

Photo of Martin St Louis and Chantal Machabée
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As you know, almost a week ago now, Martin St-Louis indefinitely left the Canadiens for family reasons.

Since then, many observers, fans, and members of the media are trying to find out the real reason for the departure of the head coach of the Montreal Canadiens.
Many simply want reassurance.
In short, Maxime Truman gave the answer yesterday:
That said, this story has indeed taken on disproportionate dimensions, and Jean Trudel believes that the Canadiens made a mistake by not providing enough information.
"I think that the Montreal Canadiens, on this matter, have mismanaged the situation. I receive all sorts of unimaginable theories. (false ones)

Any situation that can arise, whether it's physical, diseases, viruses, mental health issues, marital disputes, it goes in all directions, and we are one post away from a semi-influential account from ending up with a [harmful] rumor that will truly hurt the family." - Via Stanley25

And they make a connection with the false story involving Connor Bedard and Corey Perry, a false story that the Chicago Blackhawks took an eternity to deny and that really spiraled out of control.
Jean Trudel continues:
"I would really like it if Chantal Machabée made a video on social networks, and she says:

Hello, here is Chantal Machabée, today I want to address the situation of Martin St-Louis. We don't want there to be rumors.

And suppose she simply says that it involves a physical accident or whatever, well then the Canadiens destroy a lot of false information and you just closed the rumor mill."

So, according to them, the Montreal Canadiens made a mistake in terms of communication in this case, by being too vague.
Do you agree?
At the same time, one can understand the Habs desire to protect the young man, so it is indeed very complex to manage.
The excerpt is here:
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The Canadiens made a big mistake in the Martin St-Louis file according to insider

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