We just learned the exact reason for Martin St-Louis' departure, and it's worse than we thought

Elias Edmonson
March 22, 2024  (9:51)

Photo of Martin St louis with his son Mason
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This is a question we have been asked countless times, but we now know the reason for Martin St-Louis' departure.

In the most recent episode of his podcast Stanley25, Maxime Truman provided the answer, while remaining within the realm of public information.
This satisfies the curiosity of fans and the media, while staying within the realm of public information. (and not private)
Let's remember that last Saturday, David Savard accidentally revealed during a live TV interview that the head coach of the Canadiens had left to be by the bedside of one of his three sons, as reported by Marco Normandin.
This worried everyone, especially because Martin St-Louis (and his family) are beloved here. There were a lot of sincere concerns.
Maxime Truman indeed revealed, during the most recent Stanley25 podcast, having found a post from the Mid Fairfield 08s team, in which his youngest son, Mason St. Louis, plays.
What I'm going to tell you is that if you're a big boy or a big girl, and you write - Mason Scary Collision - on Twitter, you're going to find out why he's not there (Martin St-Louis). [...]

There's a public part to the reason for Martin St-Louis's absence."

Maxime Truman, via Stanley25

And the post he mentioned:
Hard fought 7-3 win vs SPA. Hard to be happy as our friend and teammate Mason left the game in the 3rd after a scary collision. Good news is he's going to be okay but it takes an emotional toll. Have to do our best to re-focus and get ready for a battle tomorrow vs MSC at 8am."

Mid Fairfield 08s

So, we can imagine it was a serious injury, but let's not speculate further.
See the mentioned post at the bottom.

Credit: HABSolutelyFan - We now know what prompted Martin St. Louis to suddenly leave his team
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We just learned the exact reason for Martin St-Louis' departure, and it's worse than we thought

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