Logan Mailloux has reportedly made another disappointing off-ice action, and it has caused an internal issue with the Habs according to Stanley25

Elias Edmonson
March 21, 2024  (8:45 PM)

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In addition to discussing the reasons for Martin St-Louis's departure to be with his family, the guys at Stanley25 had information on Logan Mailloux.

With their most recent episode, they once again made a strong impact and created waves.
As we reported earlier today, we now know the real reason why Martin St-Louis suddenly left the Habs!
Details here:
These are public information and revealed notably by the hockey team of Martin's son.
In short, Maxime Truman and Jean Trudel did not stop there. They had several other unheard-of pieces of information, including one that is rather disappointing (at first glance) involving the young defenseman Logan Mailloux.
As you know, on the ice, the Habs' 31st overall pick in 2021 has been more than splendid.
He has accumulated 39 points in 59 games as a defenseman (13 goals) and is possibly the best young offensive defenseman in the entire AHL, in addition to being the sixth-highest scorer in the league in defense.
For a 20-year-old defenseman, that's extraordinary!
However, off the ice, things seem more difficult for Mailloux, according to the guys at Stanley25.

Logan Mailloux caused an internal problem due to his off-ice immaturity

See the statement in question:
"Someone called me and told me that Logan Mailloux missed a few practices and a few team meetings, and that it caused a certain problem internally." - Maxime Truman

He adds that he does not know when this occurred, but he confirms that his source is very reliable.
Let's just say it raises questions.
His colleague, Jean Trudel, then added this:
"From what I hear about Logan Mailloux, he's like that. I think he might not be grounded, connected, he's not... Just the fact that I hear he likes to go out in the bars of Laval..."

And Truman then reminds that, during a previous episode of the same podcast, JT had stated that Mailloux will not have a long career in Montreal:
"You said he will not have a long career in Montreal, you might be right!"

They then wonder if the young Mailloux is simply the kind of player who often gets into trouble without really meaning to.
Remember that, according to JT, Mailloux had made another disappointing move earlier this season, an action that could get him out of Montreal according to him:
In short, to be continued, but his talent on the ice is absolutely undeniable, and no matter what we hear, the reality is that he is performing on the ice at the moment so that's really the priority.
We have confidence that the young Mailloux will eventually become a true professional. Remember, he's only 20 years old.
He will make mistakes, and not all players have the same maturity. Let's let the young Mailloux learn from his mistakes and grow as a professional player.
To listen to the segment in question, it's around the 29th minute:

Credit: Marqueur.com - Alarming scoop on Logan Mailloux: Max Truman just revealed something big about the young defenseman
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Logan Mailloux has reportedly made another disappointing off-ice action, and it has caused an internal issue with the Habs according to Stanley25

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