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Suzuki's girlfriend reveals why Nick declined the WHC invitation

Published April 22, 2024 at 6:32 PM

As you already know, Montreal Canadiens captain Nick Suzuki has declined the invitation from Hockey Canada for the World Hockey Championship.

We do not know the exact reason for his refusal, and honestly, we do not even want to know.

Why all these criticisms towards Suzuki? It's completely ridiculous.

Nick Suzuki's partner announces they are traveling

Experts, like Michel Bergeron, have harshly criticized Suzuki for his decision but I do not understand it.

It's his decision, period.

Maybe he's nursing an injury (he missed some practices and had treatment days at the end of the season), maybe he has personal commitments, or maybe he just needed to spend some time with his beautiful partner? It doesn't matter! Why make a big deal out of it?

I find it sad to see that it makes so much noise, the simple fact that his (very discreet) girlfriend posts beautiful travel photos on her private personal account.

I leave you with a text from my colleague Keven Mawn, a text that I adore and support 110%:

«We now know why Nick Suzuki won't go to the World Hockey Championship! A well-deserved little vacation for the captain, after a grueling season.

Before judging, let's remember that Suzuki has missed NO games since the start of his career. And for many years, he has been playing abundantly, averaging over 20 minutes per game. That's huge, considering he's used in all situations.

So yes, as a human being and true warrior, a rest is imposed, before preparing for the 2024-2025 season, which promises to be really important for not only himself but also for the Montreal Canadiens!»

- CH for life

Let's insist on actually mentioning that Suzuki has missed absolutely no games since the start of his career, which is absolutely incredible considering how much the CH has been affected by injuries in recent years.

That's it.

Check out these magnificent photos we were talking about.

Happy holidays, captain! It's so deserved!

Suzuki had his best offensive season of his career, finishing the campaign with an impressive haul of 77 points, including 33 goals. (obviously, in 82 games)

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Suzuki's girlfriend reveals why Nick declined the WHC invitation

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