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Surprising statistic emerges between Dach and Newhook

Published April 29, 2024 at 3:57 PM

Every draft since his arrival, Kent Hughes has surprised with a major trade. After acquiring Kirby Dach in 2022, it was Alex Newhook who followed.

Newhook joined the Montreal club during the 2023 draft.

Even though he missed the entire 2023-2024 season, hopes are high for Dach. Many believe he will have a major role next season with the CH and that he might even have a value equal to or greater than Suzuki in the future.

Trade with the Avalanche last year: Kent Hughes acquired a player as productive as Kirby Dach, in Alex Newhook!

As for Newhook, hopes seem lower.

Few people think that the 16th overall pick of the 2019 draft will be more than a good top 9 player. His smaller stature, compared to Dach, might be the reason why people like him a bit less.

However, both now have the same number of games played in the NHL, and the result is striking. After 212 games in the big league, both have scored the same number of points, 99. Newhook also has 8 more goals than his teammate since the beginning of their respective careers.

Therefore, Newhook should not be removed too quickly from the top-6 for next season. He has proven that he can produce and can help offensively. He will have to fight during the next training camp with Joshua Roy, the first pick in the next draft, or the player that Kent Hughes will likely acquire this summer for a spot in the first six forwards of the club.

Of course, Dach would have accumulated a nice handful of points if he had played the entire current season. However, the former Blackhawk entered the NHL before Newhook, and there is no saying that the former Avalanche will not have a significant improvement in his game next year!

In a year, we will be able to better compare the two players. Until then, we should try not to underestimate Newhook's contribution too much!

Via DLC - Alex Newhook a la même production offensive que Kirby Dach en carrière
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Surprising statistic emerges between Dach and Newhook

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