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Surprise statement from Jeff Gorton involving Martin St-Louis and it's big for the Canadiens

Published March 24, 2024 at 9:25

Since joining the Montreal Canadiens, Martin St-Louis has not yet had the chance to really push for the playoffs.

Since he's been there, the team is extremely young, the team is rebuilding, and it's not realistic for him to aim for the top honors.

Yet we know that this is the main thing that motivates an NHL head coach (WINNING), especially for a winner like Martin St-Louis.

So, some journalists have started to ask the question... When will the CH leaders seriously start thinking about making the playoffs and adding immediate talent?

Jeff Gorton just answered the question and you're going to love the response.

Gorton, who has a few very successful rebuilds to his credit, does not hide it. They are starting to think about it:

"Kent (Hughes), Martin (St-Louis), and I often discuss the right time to move to the next step, maybe a free agent, maybe a trade."

- Jeff Gorton on The Sick Podcast: The Eye Test hosted by Jimmy Murphy and Pierre McGuire

Wow, we love it! It's a big statement!

Martin St-Louis involved, which is rare!

Special mention to the fact that Martin St-Louis is part of these discussions. It's big because it's extremely rare to see a head coach involved in such discussions with his bosses.

Gorton, who had ended the Rangers' rebuild with the acquisition of Artemi Panarin, might try to replicate the same model:

"Jeff Gorton surprised no one this week by stating his desire to follow the model that brought him success with the New York Rangers.

Is Gorton realistic, however, in wanting to repeat his process in a market very different from Montreal?

The first two steps are very similar in many ways. Gorton embarked on a significant youth movement starting in 2017 with the Rangers by dumping many veterans to amass draft picks and prospects.

- Mathias Brunet, Free Puck on LaPresse.ca and La Presse Plus

It's really reassuring to hear. The good news is that the Canadiens will still have a top-7 overall pick in the next draft, and possibly even higher... Hearing Gorton talk, we feel that our "suffering" is almost over and that the Canadiens will start aiming for the playoffs sooner rather than later.

Will Kent Hughes pull a rabbit out of his hat this summer and sign a Jake Guentzel or a Steven Stamkos? To be continued, but that seems to be the goal eventually.

My prediction would be more towards the summer of 2025, however.

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Credit: RDT - Shocking revelation from Jeff Gorton about the future of the Canadiens
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Surprise statement from Jeff Gorton involving Martin St-Louis and it's big for the Canadiens

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