A 6 foot 7 monster could land with the Canadiens thanks to the Jets' pick acquired for Sean Monahan

Elias Edmonson
March 23, 2024  (9:20 PM)

Photo of NHL prospect Dean Letourneau
Photo credit: Neutral zone

Thanks to some savvy trades, Kent Hughes and the Montreal Canadiens have some interesting elements ahead of the 2024 NHL draft.

The Habs will obviously have their top 7 first-round pick, but they will also have the Winnipeg Jets' first-round pick.
Acquired by trade, this pick could potentially pay off big. (both literally and figuratively)
Recently, the excellent journalist Nicolas Cloutier from TVA Sports published a solid report on a forward who could definitely be targeted by Hughes and Jeff Gorton with this famous Jets' pick, acquired in the Sean Monahan trade.
We're talking about Dean Letourneau, a true physical monster. (6 feet 7 inches at 18 years old)
Nicolas Cloutier notably chatted with the head coach of the team for which Letourneau plays, David Manning.
NHL scouts are confused, explained the highly respected Bob McKenzie in January. Some scouts have him in their top 10 or top 15, and many others rank him in the second or third round.

I've always said he's a 6-foot-7 guy who plays like he's 5-foot-4, illustrates Manning. He has a fantastic touch with the puck. He can do the same things as smaller players in tight spaces. He can handle the puck close to his feet, around his body. Most young players who have grown that much don't move very gracefully. That's never been the case with him.

Definitely a name to keep in mind for CH fans.
Letourneau is even already compared to a star forward in the NHL!
The center Tage Thompson, of the Buffalo Sabres, is the best example to describe the skills of this prospect available at the next draft according to him.
With that reach, level of skill, and skating, you could certainly compare the two players."

- David Manning, head coach of St. Andrew's College, in an interview with TVASports.ca

Letourneau, 18, is indeed a big center player at 6 feet 7 inches and 210 pounds.
He will play for Boston College in the NCAA next season after amassing 160 points in 73 games this season at St. Andrew's.
It could be a beautiful project. From what we understand, he has huge potential, and Martin St-Louis could work wonders with him.
Full report and details:
Credit: RDT - A giant-sized center firmly in the sights of the Canadiens at the next draft
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A 6 foot 7 monster could land with the Canadiens thanks to the Jets' pick acquired for Sean Monahan

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