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Questionable off-ice actions by Logan Mailloux? Major turnaround

Published March 28, 2024 at 12:49

During recent episodes of the Stanley25 podcast, Maxime Truman and Jean Trudel have sometimes been a bit tough on young Logan Mailloux.

JT had notably declared: "I have information on Logan Mailloux that if I went public with, he would be OUT of Montreal" and there were several references to the fact that he liked to go out to bars.

The following week, Maxime Truman had revealed this:

"Someone called me and told me that Logan Mailloux missed a few workouts and some team meetings, and that it caused a certain problem internally." - Maxime Truman

In short, this week, the host and popular entrepreneur wanted to set the record straight and he had much more positive information to share about young Mailloux.

Questionable off-ice actions by Logan Mailloux: we've just witnessed a turnaround and have just learned that he has changed for the better

We love it.

"We've been a little hard on him over the last two weeks, someone (well-informed) called me to say that it's no longer true, or that it's not true...

Recently, I checked and it's true, Logan Mailloux is really a good teammate.

He does what he has to do to achieve his dream of playing in the NHL, and I think it's important to say it, to counterbalance.

Yes, he was late to meetings and workouts, yes he did questionable things at the start of the season, but it seems that things are going very well now for Logan." - Maxime Truman

This is great news! We love it!

It's perfectly normal for a youngster, playing professionally for the first time in his life, to make some rookie mistakes, but the important thing is to learn and correct course.

And that's what Logan Mailloux seems to have done. Hats off to the young man!

See the clip in question and the very interesting complete podcast:

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Questionable off-ice actions by Logan Mailloux? Major turnaround

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