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Major announcement from the Montreal Canadiens and a surprise

Published March 28, 2024 at 11:01

In the last few seconds, the CH organization has announced big news.

This is about a new major partnership for the Montreal Canadiens Children's Foundation.

See the official statement.

"MONTREAL – The Montreal Canadiens Children's Foundation announced on Thursday a brand-new five-year partnership with CN, to implement the sports initiation component of its BLEU BLANC BOUGE program in various Indigenous communities across Quebec.

CN will serve as the presenting donor for this new Foundation initiative, which aims to make a positive impact on the health of Indigenous youth. Spread over five years until the end of the 2027-28 season, the $750,000 investment will provide hundreds of First Nations youth in Quebec with the opportunity to learn various disciplines such as skating, ice hockey, and ball hockey. By joining forces to offer programs promoting healthy and active lifestyles to Indigenous youth, the Montreal Canadiens Children's Foundation and CN aspire to increase levels of physical activity and foster well-being within Indigenous communities.

«Persistent obstacles to sports access, especially in numerous Indigenous communities, exacerbate health disparities among First Nations and Inuit youth. This underscores the urgency of implementing initiatives that not only promote physical activity among these children, but that are also inclusive and respectful of their culture and traditions. Through this program, and thanks to the generosity and commitment of CN, the Foundation can play a pivotal role in bridging these gaps. CN's support propels the Foundation's desire to provide children in Indigenous communities with opportunities to engage in physical activity and develop new skills, both on and off the ice,» emphasized Geneviève Paquette, general manager of the Montreal Canadiens Children's Foundation.«

- Montreal Canadiens

Great news for the CH organization, and we sincerely congratulate this initiative.

Let's share the good news!

All the details are here:

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Major announcement from the Montreal Canadiens and a surprise

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