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Major new statement involving Martin St-Louis confirms officially how much of a good person Letowski is

Published March 25, 2024 at 11:21

Wow. We just found out how exceptional a person Trevor Letowski is, following the victory against the Seattle Kraken.

What a lesson in humility.

Last night was HIS night. He had just won his first NHL career game as head coach, and he decided to give credit to everyone but himself. (notably to Martin St-Louis)

His face says it all! We love it!

See some of his statements during his post-game press conference:

Trevor Letowski: "for me, it's a bit embarrassing just because of the circumstances; I feel like I'm the guy, I suppose, the head coach, but it was a true team effort - that's why I feel a bit uncomfortable saying that it's my first win as an NHL head coach..."

- Via Priyanta Emrith

I want to tell him that he absolutely deserved it and that he should take it!

Trevor Letowski: "it was a memorable week for me simply because of how the team rallied, all the guys to each other, and how the staff and players had to push a bit more to keep some sort of normality while our leader is missing."

- Via Priyanta Emrith

He is obviously talking about Martin St-Louis here. His name keeps coming back in the players' and coaches' statements during press conferences.

Yes, he is a huge part of the club.

Letowski took advantage of his press conference to give credit to Martin St-Louis (he made several statements about him), but he also gave credit to Cayden Primeau, the other coaches, and each of the team's players.

It absolutely deserved to be highlighted.

I repeat myself, but I think he should give some to himself too! He worked extremely hard this week, this Trevor Letowski.

A huge challenge was thrown at him and he's handling it like a true leader.

Kudos to him for his first victory!

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Major new statement involving Martin St-Louis confirms officially how much of a good person Letowski is

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