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Carey Price's Haters Officially Silenced After Major Statement

Published March 24, 2024 at 8:19 PM

As part of their podcast Stanley25, Max Truman and Jean Trudel welcomed a former employee of the Montreal Canadiens.

Their guest made extremely interesting revelations, and we will come back to this in more detail, but he notably talked about Carey Price and Angela Price.

David St-Germain, a former CH manager, revealed that Carey and Angela were MUCH more generous than one might think.

They didn't talk about it much publicly, they didn't boast about it, but the Prices were probably the most generous of all, towards children!


«There were players who were really generous (with the fans), but who were more behind the scenes. [...] There's one in particular (who was extraordinary with the fans) and it's Carey Price.

Price, you know... He's someone who, with adults, he wasn't good at all [...], but Carey Price I saw him do beautiful things that I haven't seen any other player do in the 6-7 seasons I was there. [...]

He wasn't comfortable being with adults he didn't know, but on the other hand, with children he was extremely generous.

Once (at some point), he was answering questions from journalists and he knew children were waiting for him and [he practically cut off a press conference in front of the media and] he went to see them.

He got down on his knees, he started talking to the young fans and you could see he was in his element.

You could see in his eyes, that the guy loved taking the time... and he has a way with children! Because children don't have the stupidity that some adults have.» - David St-Germain, former CH employee, via Stanley25

And he added that Angela Price was extremely generous behind the scenes, financially, and she didn't talk about it much but she was very involved.

We understand that she was possibly the player's wife who gave back the most to the community at that time. We love it!

See the excerpt in question:

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Carey Price's Haters Officially Silenced After Major Statement

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