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Major new statement from Trevor Letowski about Martin St-Louis and makes a clear confirmation

Published March 20, 2024 at 12:57

In the absence of Martin St-Louis, who is with his family, the Montreal Canadiens have not yet experienced a victory, and some are drawing parallels.

However, the one temporarily replacing him, Trevor Letowski, is far from being discouraged by the situation, especially since his team played so well last night against the Edmonton Oilers.

Some have commented on the fact that Letowski is a much quieter and more discreet coach than Martin St-Louis (notably during practice sessions), but once again, he is not worried about this and remains true to himself.

"I am not Martin St-Louis," reminds Trevor Letowski, via Radio-Canada Sports

And that's perfectly fine. He is not trying to imitate Martin, and that's a good thing. He simply confirms what we already knew:

"Trevor Letowski didn't need to specify it: the differences between him and Martin St-Louis, who is still absent, are obvious." - Alexandre Gascon

This only reminds us how special Martin St-Louis is and how big a part of the organization he is.

The team obviously has other leaders, like David Savard, Mike Matheson, Brendan Gallagher, and Nick Suzuki, to name just a few, but it's clear that the main pillar is the head coach and former NHL star player.

That said, the team's response last night against the powerful Oilers, in Edmonton no less, is extremely encouraging for what's to come.

The culture is increasingly taking hold, and it's beautiful to see! Martin must have been very proud of his boys last night.

Credit: Alexandre Gascon, Radio-Canada Sports "I am not Martin St-Louis," reminds Trevor Letowski
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Major new statement from Trevor Letowski about Martin St-Louis and makes a clear confirmation

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