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Known agent reveals what the Habs would get for Matheson on the market

Published April 25, 2024 at 3:07 PM

On BPM Sports radio, player agent David Ettedgui made a significant statement involving Mike Matheson and the NHL trade market.

For reasons unknown, many analysts have been discussing the possibility of a trade involving the excellent Mike Matheson by the Montreal Canadiens for the past few hours.

Matheson, 30, a Quebecer and an extraordinary leader in the locker room, has scored 62 points in 82 games this season for the Canadiens, including 11 goals.

The value of Mike Matheson on the NHL trade market is huge, according to David Ettedgui

According to what he just mentioned, Mike Matheson is worth a pick between the 6th and 15th overall! (from the first round of the draft)

«Would you trade Mike Matheson if that were the case? David Ettedgui's column is available here! - Via BPM Sports

There is quite a big difference between a 6th overall pick and a 15th overall pick, but that's what David Ettedgui mentioned.

Personally, we would not trade Matheson, even though he is 30 years old and a left-handed defenseman, but for a 6th overall pick in 2024, it's definitely worth considering.

And you, would you do it?

More details will follow.
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Known agent reveals what the Habs would get for Matheson on the market

Would you trade Mike Matheson for a 6th overall pick in 2024?

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