Montreal Canadiens fan Alex Jodoin meeting Cole Caufield
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Incredible Story in the Canadiens Organization: Chicken-Obsessed Habs Fan's Dreams Come True

Published February 15, 2024 at 2:39 PM

On "X", the growth of habs fans has been incredible and over this week we have seen a success story regarding a habs fan and his favourite player, Cole Caufield.

It all started with a picture of his poulet rouge, X user ColeGoalfield, known as Alex Jodoin posted a picture of his poulet rouge. He would eat it on every Canadiens gameday as long as Caufield's point streak would continue.

Man ate Poulet Rouge every gameday until Caufield stopped getting a point

The 28 year old from Quebec posted via X his go to meal from poulet rouge and continuously tagged them, gathering attention from the restaurant itself. He ended up doing a skit with Poulet Rouge themselves!

Alex Jodoin would have 12 straight gamedays eating poulet rouge, and each of them Cole Caufield would get a point, leaving the superstition to continue. His point streak eventually ended a month later, on Feb 10th vs the St Louis Blues.

Mr. Jodoin ended up meeting his idol Cole Caufield on Tuesday when the Canadiens hosted the Anaheim Ducks, and saw himself doing interviews with big reporters like Eric Engels of Sportsnet. Amazing Story!

I sat down with a 1 one 1 interview with the big fan!

I asked Alex when he started loving Cole Caufield and his play:

It first started back during his draft season when he was with the USNTP, back then I used to follow prospects more heavily and the way he acted by always being so happy and his resilience made me fall in love instantly. I never thought the Habs would've had a chance to draft him as I had him going 6-7 so when he fell to our pick I was ecstatic!

What was the idea behind the famous Poulet Rouge meal?

Honestly there wasn't much of an idea, it just happened that way. My brother had talked to me during Christmas about Poulet Rouge and I had tried it a couple of times. I went during the Habs game against San Jose on January 11th and Cole made an assist, didn't make much of it but being a superstitious guy I told myself I'd go the next game and the rest is history!

I then asked him the big question, How was it meeting Cole Caufield and what do you have to say to fans who aspire to be in the position you were in?

It was the best day in my life no doubt, 2 days later and I still can't describe the experience. It's just stuff you never think would happen in your life, especially in a big hockey market like Montreal, you just think I'll never be able to have my moment with him and it happened. I'll forever be grateful for Chantal that made everything possible. For the folks that aspire to be in the position that I was, I would just tell them to keep going and trying, and to never get your hopes down, dreams absolutely do come true when you want it bad enough! It's just a matter of how much you want it! Obviously my situation might be different but I had a dream and kept working torwards it every day!

He gave a huge shoutout to Chantal Machabee, who works for the Montreal Canadiens as the VP of Hockey Communications for the meetup with Caufield!

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Incredible Story in the Canadiens Organization: Chicken-Obsessed Habs Fan's Dreams Come True

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