Habs player may have just played his last game with the Canadiens according to many

March 11, 2024  (0:04)

Jesse Ylonen and Justin Barron celebrating
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After the NHL trade deadline, a change made to the Canadiens' lineup yesterday could really say a lot about what's to come.

On Saturday, the Canadiens announced that Jesse Ylonen was scratched from the lineup against the Toronto Maple Leafs, in favor of Michael Pezzetta.
Pezzetta played a good game, and he brings a different and useful dimension to the team.
As for Ylonen, unfortunately, he still isn't able to take off, and even those who have always believed in him are starting to doubt more and more:
"I've long defended Jesse Ylonen and his presence in the lineup due to some qualities he possessed (shot + skating) but I doubt he has a future in the NHL, at least with the CH.

I prefer what Pezzetta brings, and I wouldn't be surprised if Ylonen leaves this summer." - Marc-Olivier Beaudoin

As our colleagues from Marqueur mention, although Jesse Ylonen was used a few times on the third line (as well as some games on the second line), the Finnish forward has been unable to prove that he deserved a more offensive role.

Soon the end for Jesse Ylonen in Montreal?

When a player used for their offensive skills simply does not produce, that player unfortunately loses their utility.
This summer, Ylonen will become a restricted free agent and Kent Hughes will have to make a big decision in this matter.
In an era where there is a maximum number of contracts to give, it should not be surprising if he is unfortunately not qualified and if he is not back in Montreal next year.
"I just realized that Ylonen will be an RFA this summer. Should the Canadiens qualify him?" - HabsFanTV

Ylonen, who is a pick from the Marc Bergevin management team, risks eventually being dethroned by the likes of Owen Beck, Filip Mesar, Sean Farrell, and company, who are quickly on the rise.
A file to follow, but it's quite possible that Ylonen is playing his last games with the CH and that he won't return next year.
And if Michael Pezzetta stays ahead of him, Ylonen has possibly already played his last game with the Habs.
He has accumulated 7 points in 51 games this season (three goals) when it was a very important season for him.
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Habs player may have just played his last game with the Canadiens according to many

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