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Kent Hughes' Negotiation Skills on Full Display: He Pulled Off a Robbery Against the Jets

Published March 10, 2024 at 6:37 PM

Following the NHL trade deadline, many very interesting texts are coming out, and new information is surfacing.

We reported this to you a bit earlier:

But we also just came across a very interesting text from Mathis Therrien, which relates a report from the excellent Pierre LeBrun.

LeBrun reported comments from the General Manager of the Winnipeg Jets, Kevin Cheveldayoff, who concluded with Kent Hughes the biggest trade of the CH at this 2024 deadline.

We are obviously talking here about the Sean Monahan trade.

Cheveldayoff mentions that he really tried very hard, in different ways, to get Sean Monahan without paying a first-round pick, but there was nothing to do.

Kent Hughes would not budge, and he absolutely never lowered his price. We love it.

Sean Monahan Trade: Kent Hughes made the Jets' GM fold

Kevin Cheveldayoff really praised the good work of Kent Hughes, and it confirms what we thought.

Kent Hughes doesn't really negotiate. He sets prices for his players and waits for a GM to pay the price he's asking. Simply.

In the article by Pierre LeBrun, the General Manager of Winnipeg mentions that he really tried to change the price for Sean Monahan, but without success.

Kent Hughes managed to make him fold.

"Hats off and respect to Kent Hughes. He stood his ground. We tried several approaches to make the trade work, but he had a fixed price. We had a need, so we decided to act." - Kevin Cheveldayoff

"If he doesn't get what he wants, he won't hesitate to hang up and look elsewhere."

Anyway, the saying that "sometimes, the best trade is the one you don't make," Kent Hughes understood it very well.

It's really interesting and it shows us more about how Kent Hughes acts behind the scenes and how he talks with other GMs for trades.

We have a very good GM, I believe!


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Kent Hughes' Negotiation Skills on Full Display: He Pulled Off a Robbery Against the Jets

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