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Departure of head coach Martin St-Louis: new information and a statement from André Roy that speaks volumes

Published March 23, 2024 at 12:34

Since Martin St-Louis left to join his children and spouse a week ago, there have been numerous testimonials.

We've presented a few of them, including one from the former head coach of the Montreal Canadiens Michel Therrien, and here's another one that is touching and very relevant.

It comes from Martin St-Louis's former teammate, André Roy, who was on the Cam & Strick podcast.

See his anecdote and testimony, it says a lot about the person and the leader that Martin St-Louis is.

"I played my minor hockey against Martin St-Louis. I was a good player back then too. Then, I had to change my style. I remember, there were games where I only played one or two shifts (at Tampa Bay).

On the way back, on the plane, I was angry because I hadn't played much or even contributed. But Martin took the time to come sit on the plane with me and would say: 'You know what, André? You are really important to this team. The role you have is difficult, but don't just think about fighting. You can play hockey. I know you and I've seen you play. The last game, when you fought with Parros, and we scored those two goals, you were directly responsible for that. Don't forget it.' Just the fact that he took the time to chat with me like that, I was like 'wow'."

- André Roy

It's reminded that Roy was a support player in the National Hockey League, especially with the Tampa Bay Lightning, where he played with the one who is now the head coach of the Montreal Canadiens.

Roy, 49 years old, played a total of 515 games in the NHL, with the Boston Bruins, Ottawa Senators, Tampa Bay Lightning, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Calgary Flames. He ended his career with a tally of 68 points, including 35 goals, in addition to having received 1169 penalty minutes. (in 515 games)

In the playoffs, he accumulates four points in 41 games.

Credit: GoNordiques - André Roy opens his heart about Martin St-Louis, head coach of the Montreal Canadiens
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Departure of head coach Martin St-Louis: new information and a statement from André Roy that speaks volumes

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