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Major Statement From Chantal Machabée Concerning Martin St-Louis and the Canadiens' Next Season

Published March 23, 2024 at 10:51

Martin St-Louis's team will eventually get a big boost, to say the least.

What a great evening for the organization's prospects, and it's really exciting for what's to come.

A public statement from Chantal Machabée for the occasion!

Notably, Chantal Machabée made a rare post on social media to personally congratulate the young David Reinbacher, who scored (last night) his very first goal in the AHL, and in his first game with the Laval Rocket to boot!

What a beautiful goal and what a way to make an entrance in town!

And it's not just David Reinbacher who's impressing. Lane Hutson and Joshua Roy too, not to forget the goaltender Jacob Fowler!

Many of us are eager for the organization to "turn the corner" and really start competing for the playoffs, and seeing all this talent blossoming quickly, it's encouraging.

We're talking about David Reinbacher and Lane Hutson, but as if that wasn't enough, it was none other than Logan Mailloux who put an exclamation point on this special evening for the young defenders of the organization by scoring the winning goal for his team!

Indeed, it was another young defender from the team, Logan Mailloux, who gave the victory to the Laval Rocket in overtime. A 3-2 win.

Mailloux has also surpassed Éric Gélinas for the most goals (14) in a season in the club's history, as reported by Raphaël Simard.

It seems that this fresh start in Laval will be very beneficial for the young Reinbacher, even if it's just one game.

As for the young Mailloux, with his 41 points in 61 games, it will be hard to keep him with the Rocket much longer, as he is seriously starting to knock on the doors of the Montreal Canadiens and the NHL.

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Major Statement From Chantal Machabée Concerning Martin St-Louis and the Canadiens' Next Season

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