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Cole, Nick and Slaff make their decision for World Hockey Championship

Published April 19, 2024 at 3:38 PM

Darren Dreger from TSN has just made an interesting announcement about the captain of the Montreal Canadiens, Nick Suzuki, Caufield, Slaff as well as Sidney Crosby

First, let's start with Suzuki, who is said to have changed his mind and finally decided to rest. (and not to join Team Canada at the Ice Hockey World Championship)

«Dawson Mercer and Jared McCann added to Team Canada's lineup. Sidney Crosby is considering his invitation. It seems that Nick Suzuki and Travis Konecny have both chosen not to play.» - Darren Dreger, TSN

A wise decision by Suzuki, who hasn't missed a single Canadiens game in FIVE years, imagine! Wow!

Surprise: Sidney Crosby with Team Canada in a few weeks?

It's extremely rare to see this, especially coming from a legend like Crosby, but he might actually go represent Canada in May!

Usually, NHL veterans do not participate in this competition, but 87 is once again proving how much of a true leader he is.

Crosby, 36 years old, who would have every reason in the world to take a vacation, has scored 94 points in 82 games this season.

Suzuki, 24 years old, has scored 77 points in 82 games this season.

It's likely to be an interesting competition to watch, with the presence of players like Juraj Slafkovsky and Cole Caufield, but the presence of the great Sidney Crosby could absolutely change everything.

Also, Slaff will play with his good buddy Simon Nemec for team Slovakia and Cole Caufield will join team USA.

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Cole, Nick and Slaff make their decision for World Hockey Championship

Who will win the World Hockey Championship?

Caufield and team USA22135 %
Canada36357.5 %
Slaff and team Slovakia233.6 %
Other243.8 %
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