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Cole Caufield was not a good draft pick in 2019 according to analyst

Published April 3, 2024 at 1:45 PM

According to host Martin Lemay, from RDS, Cole Caufield was a bad choice for the Montreal Canadiens.

It's sad to read, but that's really what was suggested.

Here is an excerpt from my colleague William Boivin on this matter.

"Martin Lemay did not beat around the bush in describing Cole Caufield's drought. According to the BPM Sports host, the forward was a bad draft pick." - Via Info LNH

We completely disagree with this.

As Martin St-Louis has repeated and emphasized, even if Caufield is scoring less at the moment, he has greatly improved as a more complete NHL player.

In the playoffs (soon, we hope), this will be major for the team.

Even if number 22 has only scored four goals in his last 25 games, he finds other ways to contribute and progress. (so imagine how excellent he will be when he starts to fill the opposing net again)

Let's not forget he is only 23 years old and he still scored 26 goals in 46 games last season!

Let's not forget he has more than tripled his number of assists!

And above all, let's not forget that Martin St-Louis is absolutely not worried about his young sharpshooter:

"Host Martin Lemay went further on his show on BPM Sports airwaves this afternoon. According to him, Cole Caufield is not "useful" to the Canadiens if he does not score.

Lemay even goes as far as to say that Caufield was not a good draft pick for the Canadiens. He was chosen 15th overall by the Habs in 2019."

- William Boivin

In any case, it sparked a very interesting debate on BPM Sports airwaves, so we want to hear from you on the topic.

After listening to the complete segment at BPM Sports, do you believe that Cole Caufield is currently useful to the CH?

Caufield, 23, has 21 goals and 35 assists this season (in 74 games) after having accumulated 26 goals and 10 assists last season. (in 46 games).

Credit: Info LNH - Cole Caufield n'est pas une bonne sélection au repêchage en 2019
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Cole Caufield was not a good draft pick in 2019 according to analyst

Do you believe that Cole Caufield was a bad pick for the Canadiens in 2019?

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