Cole Caufield reveals the most bothering aspect from playing in MTL

Elias Edmonson
May 26, 2024  (1:37 PM)

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In an interview at the Ice Hockey World Championship, Montreal Canadiens forward Cole Caufield had a lot to say.

He was questioned by a journalist who wanted to know what it's really like to play in an intense market like Montreal.
And Caufield was very honest in his response.
We love it, and it's all to his credit because everything he says here is absolutely true.

Cole Caufield opens up about the pressure of playing for the Montreal Canadiens

This isn't the first time Caufield has opened up like this. He did so in a report with Emily Kaplan for ESPN, but he mentions how immense the pressure is.
A journalist did indeed ask him what the best part of playing in Montreal is as well as the worst.

«Question: What is the best aspect of playing in Montreal and what is the worst aspect?»

«Cole Caufield: 'Obviously, it's the best place to play hockey. The fans are passionate, and that's what makes the game enjoyable.

On the other hand, it's sometimes stressful with all this pressure (from journalists and fans), but we welcome it with open arms and that's perfectly fine.'» - Stefan Bugan

In an interview with ESPN, Caufield went a bit further by mentioning how difficult it was for him to read everywhere that some fans and journalists expected a 50-goal season from him.
Scoring 50 goals in the NHL is extremely difficult, and those are excessive expectations.
But Caufield really seems equipped to handle this pressure, and he has gained a lot of maturity and experience (in this regard) over the past few years. He can be proud of himself.
We sense that the media pressure and journalists bothered him at times this season, but he's human, and that's perfectly normal.
Hats off to him for naming it and explaining it so clearly.
Caufield, 23, scored 65 points, including 28 goals, in 82 games this season.
Credit : GoNordiques - Caufield passe aux aveux sur ce qui le dérange de jouer à Montréal
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Cole Caufield reveals the most bothering aspect from playing in MTL

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