Brendan Gallagher finally opens up on the tragedy involving his mother

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March 16, 2024  (4:20 PM)

Montreal Canadiens forward Brendan Gallagher and his mother Della
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Brendan Gallagher has always shown the spirit of hard work beats anything in his NHL career, despite his size and all the cons, he made a living playing the game in a gritty way, something he calls "playing with heart". His mother has been dealing with a type of brain cancer since 2021 and is currently fighting it harder then ever. Gallagher speaks out on how tough the battle has been.

Gallagher speaks on mother's cancer diagnosis

Gallagher shared his feelings and how he handles everything with his mother currently battling a life threatning illness.
"I've struggled with it at times. Especially the first year, there were some tough times.

"I think having (fiancée) Emma at home is huge for me, being able to talk to her. Especially being away from the family — you call back as much as you can, but it's been tough."

Yes, it's easy to criticize Gallagher's play dip recently, but it is important to remember that professional players are still human too, and may go through the same battles as everyone else. Sometimes we tend to forget that.
Gallagher also spoke out about the immense support he has been receiving from Habs fans, family, friends and teammates.
"We had a lot of incredible people reach out with information. I think they're doing an incredible job. They have things that are hopefully able to get out to everyone (in Canada eventually). They have trial drugs from clinical trials, and they have stuff they've been working on that's gotten to a point where it's going okay for her. You don't want to get too ahead of yourselves, but I think they're doing a fantastic job. We just continue to listen to the advice they've given us and hope for the best.

Gally also mentioned how missing the playoffs this season may be rough, but it gives him lots of time to head back to BC and spend time with his mother Delia.
We wish Brendan Gallagher and his family all the best during these tough times.
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Brendan Gallagher finally opens up on the tragedy involving his mother

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